We are the

People of Lava

People of Lava design, manufacture and market premium LED TV’s and motorized, remote controlled accessories such as mounts, lifts and stands.

Through our ten years history, we have always promoted and accentuated user-centric innovation and we constantly strive to be contemporary, unusual and unique.

By always following our corporate mission To Rethink TV, we provide connected, customizable, TV and electronics solutions, allowing select global consumer and hospitality markets to See, Show and Share through what we call a Window to the World.

We are market leaders in motorized and remote control TV accessories such as swinging wall mounts, ceiling mounts, TV lifts and rotating TV stands which all rely on patented technologies.

We are currently present in more than 20 countries all over the world and grow steadily. Our headquarters are based in Stora Höga, outside of Gothenburg on the Swedish West-Coast, where we also produce the majority of our larger TV’s.

We are the People of Lava. Care to join us?

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