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In 2010, People of Lava pioneered the TV market by releasing the worlds first Android TV – Scandinavia – with among other things internet connectivity and applications. Since we believe that the future of television as we know is a Window to the World – to see, to show and to share – our intention is to continue leading the way by ensuring that every model we release meet our customers demand of connectivty, integration and sophistication.

Applications in a TV?

Most people think of applications as something you use on your mobile phone when in fact applications tailored for the larger TV format offer a number of benefits not available on a handset:

  • Large (up to 55″) screen with native 1080p HD resolution
  • State of the art soundsystems
  • Numerous of powerful peripherals
  • The users uncompromised attention from the sofa
  • A communal device where people interact in new ways

Be a part of the revolution

To ensure a diverse flora of applications and content, we encourage developers from all over the world to partake in this next revolution of home entertainment. If you want to learn more about how to develop applications for People of Lava televisions, please visit