Lava Invit Suite

For years, Hotel TV was confined to the back alleys of innovation, far from the digital world of today. It was complex, expensive and and barely of any use. Suddenly came Lava Invit, the world’s first Smart Hotel TV System and a fuel injection that renews the industry.
People of Lava Invit

Hotel TV that is actually useful

Finally there’s Hotel TV that is actually useful and appreciated by both guest and hoteliers. Meet Lava Invit, the world’s first Smart Hotel TV System. Lava Invit is Internet connected, has intuitive and beautiful interfaces, presents exciting and useful apps and a does not require any additional hardware since the system is integrated in the TV! This is a giant leap for Hotel TV.

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Scandinavia Invit

A huge leap forward

Lava Invit makes each TV Smart and expensive servers and set-top boxes redundant. The system itself is integrated in each TV and all you need to get up and running is an internet connection. Gone are the days of boxes, servers, cable clutter and complexity. Did we mention that Lava Invit is also very powerful, lightweight and easy to expand? Say hello to the future of Hotel TV.

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Invit building blocks

A branded guest experience

If you believe in the importance of completely embracing your guests in a branded over-night experience, Lava Invit is your choice. No other system allows the same amount of customization and flexibility with endless opportunities. Seamlessly merge your brand with the stunningly beautiful TV interface, of course in full HD resolution.

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An Android-based system

A Smart system based on Android

Lava Invit is based on Androidâ„¢ – the world’s largest open source operating system. We have leveraged the endless potential of Android in order to create the most modern hotel system in the world for you and your guest. Thanks to Android, Lava Invit is powerful and response, feature rich and beautiful, while also being easy to use, simple to install and cheap to maintain. Adding new apps and features is as easy as it is cost efficient.

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Invit easy install

No more head ache

Imagine a system that is extremely robust, doesn’t require any additional and expensive hardware, consumes a minimum amount of energy and works as soon you’ve plugged in the cable. Lava Invit is the Smart Hotel TV System that never gives you head ache. Instad you can look forward to a long period of trouble free ownership.

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