Digital resources

Architect and design integration

Televisions and wall mounts from People of Lava are perfect to integrate in any hotel, design or custom home installation project. Quality, performance and simple integration make them suitable for any environment.


Please find CAD-files and other digital resources here for download. These files can be used and opened in most CAD and design software for easy integration into related projects.

We will update this repository continuously as more products arrive.

Note on file-types

The file-types offered in these zip-files (.step, .obj,. 3ds and .3dm) are files commonly used in 3D, design and CAD programs. *.step files should open in any conventional 3D software (with some exceptions). Its a standard for the exchange of product model data. *.dwg files should open in Auto CAD and other software.

Download a CAD-viewer

If needed, please download a viewer –  we recommend E-drawings. Please note that this is just a viewer and that you will not be able to save the file under a different format.