People of Lava Sweden

The introduction of Lava Invit on the Hotel TV System market leapfrogs the technology development, both in terms of performance, simplicity and scalability. This is the future of Hotel TV and entertainment – already today!

Modern and future proof

Since we have our backgrounds in TV and mobile rather than networks and systems, our focus have been to make Lava Invit modern and user friendly – a system that you as guest would actually use! The user interfaces can easily be branded and custom made, just like on a smart phone, and since we deliver our services in the form of applications and widgets the system is both living and future proof.

The secret is that each TV-set is equipped with its own, built in system, thus each TV is per se “Smart”. They communicate with each other, with the Internet with the hotel PMS, and together they constitute Lava Invit – a Smart virtuous circle of hotel entertainment and utility!

On system fits all

Since Lava Invit does not require any heavy investments in hardware, it is suitable for hotels of all sizes. Regardless if you have 20 rooms or 2000, Lava Invit seamlessly scales to fit its environment. Since the system is modular, you can easily extend it by adding more applications and widgets, together with your very own interface design.

Based on Android


Lava Invit is completely based on Androidâ„¢, the worlds largest operating system for mobile devices. This means that anyone with theproper Android knowledge can contribute by making their own applications. Android has a large collective knowledge base and is straightforward to develop for, without compromising with performance and functionality. Android is also both lightweight and robust, a combination that makes ideal for using in Hotel TVs.

Since creating new applications is easy, individual hotels can easy create their very unique system. It may be something local, a service that your chain wishes to offer or something that can drive additional revenue to your hotel. Got another idea of an application that you want to realize? Get in contact with us, anything is possible!

Simple to install, easy to maintain

When you choose Lava Invit, you can finally get rid of all bulky and power consuming servers and in-room set top boxes. All you need is People of Lava TVs and a PMS-plug (a microserver that handles communication between TV and PMS and encrypts all sensitive traffic). Movies and videos are streaming over the internet and you can of course use both Ethernet and WiFi.

Once Lava Invit is configured and install, you just have to plug in the cord and everything is up and running. Lava Invit comes complete with a Web Admin, from which you can manage and personalize a large part of the system. All system updates are being done remotely without the need for hotel or guests to interfere.

People of Lava – your lean back supplier

If you choose People of Lava as your preferred supplier for Hotel TV, we make sure that you can relax and lean back. We are a full service supplier and take care of everything: TV-sets, interactive systems, head-end, antenns, cabling, access points, installation etc. We have a great track record and many years of experience from successful hotel installations in several countries.

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