mMotion Lift

mMotion Lift

You’re in control

Stylish, functional and discrete. mMotion Lift keeps your TV concealed when you donĀ“t need it, and lifts it perfectly in position with the push of a button – from a bed-end, a nisch in the wall, or integrated in your furniture. The lifts are easy to install and suites both homeowners and professionals.

How does it work?

The mMotion Lift series from People of Lava is designed to fit most brands on the market. It can be installed to lift up, to lower down from the ceiling, or to move out from the side. The brackets are individual adjustable for flexible applications. The construction is very rigid and easy to install and the motor is designed for long operating times. Watch the movies below to see it in action.

Where can I use mMotion Lift?

Whenever and wherever you would like to have the option to keep your TV out of sight, mMotion is the choice for you. It may be because you want your AV-system to be perfectly integrated with the other furniture in your home or perhaps because you are short on space and need to hide the TV at occasion. mMotion Lift also runs on 12V which makes it perfect for marine and mobile applications.