mMotion Lift

Three Uplifting Sizes

mMotion Lift fits every TV

Lifts are commonly used when you, for aesthetic or space saving reasons, want to be able to easily and effortlessly conceal your TV. To fit all TV models and compartments, mMotion Lift comes in three different sizes:

  • LVE-6455 – 455mm vertical stroke. Recommended for 15″ – 26″ screens
  • LVE-6710 - 710mm vertical stroke. Recommended for 40″ – 50″ screens
  • LVE-6800 – 800mm vertical stroke. Recommended for 41″ – 60″ screens

When choosing your lift, please consider the following parameters:

  • The weight of your TV
  • The outer dimensions of your TV
  • The horizontal distance between the mounting holes of your TV (VESA)
  • The dimensions of the compartment in which you are installing the lift
  • The height of your TV plus lid of installing compartment must be larger then max vertical stroke

mMotion Lifts all sizes

Compatibility chart

Model Elevator stroke Max TV height Max TV weight Min inside
furniture height
Max distance
between installation holes in TV
Small 455 mm 435 mm 50 kg 685 mm Horizontally 200 mm
Medium 710 mm 690 mm 50 kg 940 mm Horizontally 800 mm
Large 800 mm 780 mm 50 kg 1 080 mm Horizontally 800 mm
Note: for complete specifications, review the drawings in Support Center or consult your installer for advice