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mMotion Swing

mMotion Swing

Move your TV – not you furniture

Experience entertainment from new angles. The mMotion Swing remote controlled wallmount fits every size and brand of TV, allows 180 degrees “around corner” rotation and even learns your own remote. Sit back, relax and swing with mMotion!

How does it work?

mMotion Swing is a motorized wall mount for flat screen TV’s. It allows you to enjoy movies and shows from multiple places in your home – conveniently and silently by the touch of a button. With its slim profile and learning IR receiver, the possibilities are endless.

Where can I use mMotion Swing?

Everywhere. It’s thin profile and easy mounting procedure makes it suitable for any environment where you want your TV screen to be viewable from multiple locations. Since mMotion Swing has a full 180 degree rotation, it can even swing around corners, making it possible to watch TV in another room! The kitchen, living room, dining area, bed room or patio – the possibilities are endless! mMotion Swing also features a Demo Mode for automatic swings, making it very suitable for public display areas.

There are numerous ways of how mMotion Swing could be but into practice. We have provided you with some suggestions but if you got an idea we haven’t thought about, do not hesitate to share it with us!

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