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Flexible mounting solutions

wFix is the affordable and flexible range of non-motorized mounts for situations where remote controlling your TV isn’t needed. It features eleven different mounts with flexibility enough to assure that you will have your mounting needs fulfilled.

How does it work?

Whatever your mounting need may be, we got a solution for you. We are not just the global leader in motorized accessories, we also got a complete and versatile range of non-motorized TV-mounts for every situation. Installation is easy and straightforward. The wFix range consists of eleven smart and durable mounts, assuring that everyone will find a suitable solution. Wether you are looking for slim, pivot tilt or swivel РwFix got what you need.

wFix - Flexible Mounting Solutions

Where can I use it?

Regardless of what TV you have and where you want to install it, wFix is sure to have the solution. The range features everything from small to slim to tilt to be sure to cover your specific needs. Because installation is so simple, wFix fits everywhere – in your home, in your boat or in a hotel room. For more information and specifications, go to Models.

So easy to install

In their neat little premium packagings, the wFix mounts are a breeze to install. Easy instructions are included for each model, along with screws and whatever else you may need! There truly is a model for every occasion.

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