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2011-04-11 Helt på nett, Hjemmekino

2011-02-11, Svenskt familjeföretag revolutionerar hotell-tv, Restauratoren

2010-11-24 Lava’s HD LED Android Scandinavia Internet TV sets a high standard for all that follow,

2010-11-23 Android TV Launches in Sweden,

2011-11-16 World’s First Android TV Made of Rock, Weighs 90 Pounds, Wired Gadgetlab

2010-11-15 Swedish TV-Maker Launches World’s First Android TV,  Tech Europe – WSJ

2010-09-09, IFA 2010: Verdens første Android-tv, GEAR Denmark

2010-09-07, IFA Android TV Round Up – Sony Internet TV & People of Lava Scandinavia, Androidos

2010-09-07, First look at the Scandinavia Android-powered TV, Android And Me

2010-09-07, This is what Android TV looks like – Lava Scandinavia TV from People of Lava, Into Mobile

2010-09-07, Svenskere laver stue-tv med lynhurtigt internet, Politiken

2010-09-07, People of Lava Scandinavia: Fernseher mit Android-Betriebssystem, Chip Online

2010-09-07, Scandinavia Android-Powered Google TV First Look At IFA 2010, WWWery

2010-09-07, The People Of Lava – Weltweit erster Android TV, AndroidPIT

2010-09-07, IFA Special: first ever Android TV from Lava is made of stone, Home Cinema Choice

2010-09-07, People of Lava Android TV Specs & Review,

2010-09-07, Top Ten Gadgets from IFA 2010,

2010-09-06, This is what Android TV looks like, IntoMobile

2010-09-05, IFA 2010: Verdens forste Android TV,

2010-09-04, IFA 2010: Worlds’ first Andriod TV revealed by People of Lava – Video, Tech Digest

2010-09-02, Svensk Android TV redo för världen, IDG

2010-06-20, Lava først i världen med Android-TV, Elektronikkbransjen

2010-06-06, Perfekt timing for Android-TV?, Din Side

2010-06-02, Hands on with People of Lava’s Scandinavia Android TV: a glimpse into the future of TV, Expert Reviews

2010-05-21, Google TV: Who is the competition and what are they saying about it?Engadget

2010-04-06, People of Lava introduced Scandinavia TV, built on the Google Android platform, Indian Tech News

2010-04-06, People Of Lava Google Android Powered HDTV, Geeky Gadgets 2010-04-06, Svensk platt-tv först i världen med Android, Metro

2010-04-05, World’s First Android TV Comes from Sweden, Wired

2010-04-05, People of Lava trumpet Android-packin’ Scandinavia HDTV, one bodacious company name, Engadget

2010-04-05, First Android-Based Television, From Sweden’s People of Lava. Wait, Who?, Gizmodo

2010-04-05, Swedish company, People of Lava, creates an Android-based TV, Crunch Gear

2010-04-05, People Of Lava Android-powered TVÜbergizmo 2010-04-05, Swedish company to launch world’s first Android-based TV, Unwired View

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