mMotion Swing Motorized Wallmount


mMotion Swing


We have gathered the most common questions about mMotion Swing below. If you don’t find the answer to your question, also check our video section.

Using mMotion Swing

Q: How does mMotion Swing work?

A: The idea behind Lava mMotion is to prevent your TV from dictating how you design your room. The wall mount enables you to have your TV beside your bed or next to a window and then adjust it to whatever angle you like.

Q:  What are the benefits?

A: 1. Lava mMotion is a lot cheaper than rival products.Now the consumer can have a remote-controlled wall mount with arm for the same price as a manually operated wall mount – or even cheaper!
2. TV is adjustable to 180°.
3. The wall mount is motorised and can be programmed to operate via your regular remote control. No need for a second remote control cluttering the table.
4. The motor operates silently and smoothly.
5. The wall mount features one of the thinnest profiles on the market: the TV sits only 40 mm from the wall.
6. Vertical/horizontal pivot, up to 10-15 mm depending on TV size

Q: With which TV brands can I use mMotion Swing?

A: mMotion Swing fits nearly every brand. The mounting is very adjustable, both horizontally and vertically, and we still have not seen a TV that doesn’t fit. This includes both VESA and non-VESA compatible TV’s.

Q: Are there any brands that that need adjustments for the mMotion Swing does to fit?

A: TV’s from German Loewe needs an adapater plate as their holes are rather non-standardized. Please check with your local dealer.

Q: Which remote-control will I be using to control mMotion Swing?

A: Your own! The mMotion Swing will learn the commands of your TV´s remote control, so you won´t need an additional. However, we do include a sleek little remote-control for initial setup and for your convinience.

Q: Can I mount the mMotion Swing in the ceiling, so my TV will come down from the ceiling?

A: No, this product is not intended for such use. For this we recommend our other product mMotion Flip (max 25 kg).

Q: Can I program a more advanced remote control, such as Philips Pronto, RTI or Crestrin, with IR codes for mMotion Swing?

A: Yes you can. A list of IR codes can be found here.


Q: Can I mount the mMotion Swing for both left and right swing?

A: Yes, it´s just a matter of which way you want the wall mount to open.

Q: What does it mean that the mMotion Swing “opens around corners”?

A: This means that the mMotion Swing can open so wide – a whole 180 degrees – that if you place it in an ideal location, you could actually be watching TV from several different rooms with just the push of a button. Click here to view a demo of how a TV in the living room comes around all the way to the balcony!


Q: What is the maximum weight of a TV I can mount on the mMotion Swing?

A: For mMotion Swing Small, it is 25 kg (55 lbs) and for mMotion Swing Large, it is 45 kgs (100 lbs).

Q: What is the largest TV I can mount on the mMotion Swing?

A: Without ever exceeding the maximum weight, the mMotion Swing Small is intented for flat screen TVs between 26″ and 37″, while the mMotion Swing Large is intended for flat screen TVs between 37″ and 55″.

For mMotion Swing Small, the TV may not be wider than 1000 mm (1 m), and the distance between the TVs mounting holes may not be further apart than 400 x 400 mm.

For mMotion Swing Large, the TV may not be wider than 1300 mm (1,3 m), and the distance between the TVs mounting holes may not be further apart than 800 x 400 mm.

Q: How much do the mMotion wall mounts weigh?

A: Small weighs 5.5 kg and Large weighs 6.4 kg.

Q:  Can the mMotion learn other remote-controls?

A: Yes, the mMotion can learn any remote control to any flat-screen TV, so you can use your regular remote-control to control your mMotion.

To view all specifications on mMotion click here.