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Fashion and flexibility

(Not available, model replaced by Granite)

The small and flexibile design-TV for your home, boat or on the road. Regardless of where you are People of Lava’s fashion-range Flex is your trusted companion. It also matches your world – easy snap-on frames allow you to choose color – whatever suites your surroundings or mood.

One TV – ten functions

Not only is Flex a statement of fashion, it is one of the most feature-rich TV’s on the market. For instance, it has built in DVD-player, media player through USB and SD-card, DVB-C etc, straight out of the box!

Additionally, with both 230V and 12V power-input, it’s ready to use in your home or in your car or why not the boat.

Variation is pleasure

Flex comes in three size – 15″, 19” and 22” – that suits your every TV need while simultanously being very flexible.

Your Flex TV comes in white with the white click-on frame included. Add your choice of frames in green, orange, pink, red and black!

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