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Razor thin beauty

Why should you ever have to compromise with style and flexibility. At home, on the road, or on vacation, Granite – the ultra thin LED-range from People of Lava goes wherever you go. Now available in white with theĀ front in brushed black .

Versatility en vogue

For situations where bigger isn’t better and where you don’t want to compromise with aesthetics, Granite is the perfect choice. This beautiful and superslim LED TV comes in four sizes – 19″, 22″ and 32″ – and is stuffed with features. Perfect for the bedroom, children’s room or why not boat? Granite is much more than a TV – you can see why by reading more about the features.

All you need – and more

Granite is by all means the most flexible TV we ever built. The compact format makes it suitable for bringing with you and since it runs on both 230V/110V and 12V it is suitable for boats as well as vehicles. Built in DVD and media player gives you access to content when you want it and DVB-T/DVB-C tuner enables you to bring your shows with you. But this is not all. See the specifications for even more features.

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