Royal Sweden in a living room

Royal Sweden

Royal Sweden

The non-compromise TV for the image connoisseur

We claim that Royal Sweden is the best TV in the world. A bold statement, indeed. But in all its complexity it is rather simple and we spell it with just two words – no compromises. Where others cut cost, we add quality. This is Royal Sweden. Your TV.

Your television

Most televisions are not made for you – they are made for everyone. This mass-market logic, driven by price and size, results in compromised quality, compromised user experience and compromised ownership. We think differently. Instead of thinking about price, we think about superior quality. We think about outstanding user experience. We think about you. If you care about outstanding performance and uniqueness, then Royal Sweden is Your Television.

Attention to detail

From concept to hand-building, Royal Sweden is the embodiment of no compromises. From the perfectly brushed aluminium frame and the ultra-thin Edge LED Backlight panel to the ability to connect and calibrate and the unbeatable picture processing performance, this is a television that withstands both test of time, and the scrutiny of perfect detail.

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