Design & Materials



Scandinavian roots

The Royal Sweden is designed by the Scandinavian designer Designit, more specifically by a young man by the name Manuel Gattinger. With an education from Sweden and a solid background from mobile-phone design, mobile audio and the car industry, Manuel loved the challenge of creating a timeless piece of modern design.

Non intrusive luxury

“I believe the design of the Royal Sweden can be better defined by the things it does not represent: mass-market materials, exaggerated branding, over-ambitiousness, patronising features and effects. We removed everything unnecessary and carefully considered the design of every little detail which eventually lead to a TV which is taking no compromises whatsoever.”

Manuel Gattinger
Industrial designer


The Royal Sweden is handbuilt in Sweden by our skilled engineers. Each television is carefully constructed following the strictest methods of attention to detail and quality. The high grade solid aluminum makes an excellent casing for the television, as it not only beautiful to look at, but also keeps the advanced technical components nicely cooled, and performance on top.