Royal Sweden highlights

The world’s best TV

We claim that Royal Sweden is the best TV you could own today. We use the best panels available on the market today, we cherrypick the best pieces of hardware available and we carefully assemble and fine tune it by hand in our own facilities is Sweden. We dress it in a sharp frame of high grade brushed aluminium that we even can produce in the color of your choice, giving you a bespoke, one-of-a-kind TV set that without doubt would constitute the mantelpiece of your entertainment system.

The installers first choice

Royal Sweden comes packed with features requested by custom installers and everyone else looking for a technically more advanced TV that meet the highest demands when it comes to customization, calibration and control.

For instance, Royal Sweden has full support for RS-232, making in very suitable to include in large and advanced multi-room systems where serial communication is used, for instance Crestron and Lutron systems. IR-In/IR-out and discrete IR codes allows for advanced programming of multi-remotes such as Philips Pronto.

Royal Sweden also features an expert calibration mode for superior picture quality. This interface also allows separate calibration settings for each input and source, thus enabling optimal picture quality regardless of source.

No speakers – for your ears sake

When we set out to construct the non-compromise TV, we knew that we meeting the high level requirements in all areas would be really difficult. Allready from the beginning, we figured out that one of the major requirements was a thin and convenient form factor and a stunning design, thus we designed Royal Sweden to be only 33mm thick.

This in turn led to a problem – sound quality. Our vision of Royal Sweden implied an uncompromising audiovisual experience, but with such slim form factor, producing good enough sound is virtually impossible. That is why we took the radical decision to exclude internal speakers, because when having to choose between poor sound and no sound at all, the decision was easy!

But since we didn’t wanted to leave you without sound capabilities, we instead chose to include one of the best 2.1 speaker systems on the market today – Addon Four from Audio Pro. You can read more about this system here.

Handbuilt in Sweden

To give you a genuine feeling of Swedish quality and Scandinavian design, we assamble Royal Sweden in our own facilities on the Swedish west coast. This gives us a unique opportunity to control every part of the process as well as to make small, bespoke customization to fit your every need. Want your Royal Sweden in Champagne Bronze? You got it! A unique position worth defending, we believe!