Scandinavia in a livingroom



A window to the world

Stunning Scandinavian design with eyecatching details to please your aestethic desires. Full internet connectivity and Android operating system fills your every entertainment need. Hand built in Sweden to ensure quality and uniqueness. This is Scandinavia.

A past and a present

There was a time when we were not yet connected. When we didn‘t know, when we couldn‘t choose, we were isolated islands, floating around without interconnectivty. It was a lonely time. It was a boring time. But then, one day, all that changed. Suddenly, we spoke! Suddenly we could see, show and share. That day is today. Welcome to open your window to the world.

Apps, apps, apps!

Scandinavia has the best built-in web-browser on the market – based on Webkit – so you can surf the web like you are used to at blazing speed. Your Scandinavia also comes pre-loaded with useful applications such as YouTube, Google Maps, Weather and Calendar. But this is just the start. In Application Market new applications becomes available all the time, such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Oh, did we mention it is a great TV as well?


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