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Apps – your window to the world

What is really an app? Today most of us think of an app as those icons and and programs on your iPhone or Android smartphone. This is of course true; the notation of an app was born in the mobile space as a name for small, downloadable programs to be used on the go.

With Scandinavia, People of Lave have taken this concept and moved it from the mobile space into the living room. We believe that the power of apps can be equally beneficial on a TV and that you can create easy and appealing programs and services to be used from the couch. Examples of such apps can be Video-on-Demand, streaming services, games and utility apps such as weather. In the end, only imagination sets the bar of what can be achieved.

Android is an open platform

Your Scandinavia TV is built on Android – an open source platform owned and maintained by Google – which we have chosen for many reasons. Not only is it extremely fast, powerful and efficient, but it being open source means that the anyone with the sufficient skills in programming – companies as well as individuals – can create exciting applications or programs for your Scandinavia!

Rather than trying to create a closed environment, we invite and encourage everyone to take part in making Android the standard for connected TV’s. We believe that the more, the merrier, the better.

People of Lava Application Store 2.0

With your Scandinavia TV, you get direct access to the People of Lava Application Store. Here, you can download and install new applications and services! The Application Store features free as well as paid content, both entertainment and utilities, and new and exciting content is added all the time. The Application Market is hosted and run by SlideMe – one of the world’s largest Android Application Marketplaces, so you can be sure that new content and services will keep coming!

Developer program – Release your own App

Are you a developer with a great App for Android? Why not bring it to the world of television? As the first company in the world, People of Lava offers developers a platform to launch their own Apps. After quality controls and checks, we can make your App available to the world of TV-apps! To make Android a de facto TV standard as well as creating useful and exciting apps and programs for Scandinavia, we have created the Lava Developer Program. Visit to read more about it!

If you have any questions or wish to take part, please contact us.