Design & Materials

Reach out

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Feel it

Your Scandinavia TV is made out of a very special material – HI-MACS® – a unique blend of natural materials, such as stone. This gives the almost ceramic sense, hard as rock, but with a deep gloss never seen before. The Scandinavia TV is the first home electronics product to use this material, which otherwise is mainly found in exclusive kitchens and yachts. It has to be experienced!

Raison d’etre

“My intention was to design a TV that would greatly frame the consumers content – human and emotional, closer to furniture than high-tech. I designed it clean and iconic, applying unusual materials with subtle details that reference your personal lifestyle.”

Julia Meyer
Industrial Designer
Scandinavia A window to the World

Unusual uniqueness

By just looking around you, you instantly understand why Scandinavia is unique. We turned traditional norms of TV designupside down and created a pieace of art that is as beautiful look at as it is a pleasure to use. Every component, from the ceramic fram to the contrast glass and LAVA-tab, is in perfect harmony, creating an impression that lasts. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder – we say it is Scandinavia!