People of Lava

    Re-thinking TV

    People of Lava design, manufacture and market premium LED TV’s and motorized, remote controlled accessories. We promote and accentuate user-centric innovation and constantly strive to be contemporary, unusual and unique.

    Watching TV should be an experience – a Window to the World – where we can see, show and share, which is why we believe in connectivity and interactivity.

    We hand build our TV’s in our own facilities in Sweden – we think it’s better that way. With Swedish quality and Scandinavian design, we supply a global market with connected, customizable consumer electronics.

    We are the People of Lava. Care to join us?

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      • “We applaud People of Lava on their work with the world´s first Android TV”Will Park
      • “Lava have really succeeded. This flat screen is a piece of jewelry on every wall.”Hjemmekino Norway
      • “The Swedish company which have produced a product markedly better than the established giants.”Mike Hanlin