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INVIT by People of Lava

INVIT is a modern Hotel Entertainment system that offers relevant content for You and Your guests. Without expensive additional hardware or costly server installations.

What's the benefit for Your guests?

With INVIT You can easily offer information and provide access to a multitude of entertainment options and services.

What's the benefit for You?

With INVIT You will cut costs, offer a richer guest experience and increase Your revenue.

Smarter, better and more cost effective.

We will always place the guest first and foremost. With clever online services, apps and widgets, INVIT can offer Your guests exactly what they want, and what You want to provide.

Lava INVIT is for every kind of hotel. Our system comes with our own proprietary smart-TVs, unless Your prefer to use screens already installed. Using a room-by-room installment schedule they can operate alongside existing systems and networks. With innovative technology and smart cloud services, redundant hardware is minimized and Your costs can be radically reduced. 

Please contact us if You would like to know more.

”Thanks to their modern, smart technical solutions, Lava Invit offers a unique solution that gives us unlimited options to tailor our services. They provide a business model that feels up-to-date and innovative while adding a unsurpassed added value for our guests. It’s simply a contemporary solution.”

Elite Park Avenue Hotel